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Some Essential Things You Must Consider Before Living in Your New Property

You need to evaluate plenty of things when you discuss investment property tax depreciation. You may seek Deppro review any time if you encounter confusion before living in your new property. It is because when you purchase a new property, several factors may cause some mix-up. You may have to decide whether to live in […]

Can I Back-claim for Depreciation on My Rental Property?

Did you own a property for several years but failed to claim depreciation? It also implies that you must have over-paid your taxes for all these years. You can heave a sigh of relief as you can claim back over-paid amount from ATO when you prepare your property depreciation schedule. However, your earlier tax lodgments […]

All You Need to Know as an Investor While Claiming for a Property Deduction

With the commencement of the new financial year, investors may be having a tough time cracking the code of improving their deductions. Can you claim depreciation on a rental property? Can you claim depreciation on an old property? There may be many such questions that may be haunting your minds to save some of your hard-earned […]

5 Ways for Maximizing Depreciation Deductions for a Commercial Space

If you’re planning to purchase a commercial space, then claiming depreciation deductions should be the foremost priority. As you claim depreciation deductions, you would be able to save a lot of money every year. Depreciation deduction is nothing but the difference between the negatively geared investment and the positive cash flow. But, even as you […]

3 Facts about Quantity Surveyors You Must Cross-check When Selecting One for Obtaining a Depreciation Schedule

Before you purchase a property from an investment point of view, your accountant or your rental property manager will always advise you to consult a quantity surveyor, especially when dealing with  depreciation tax deductions. A quantity surveyor specializes in estimating the value of your assets for depreciation purposes. But before you deal with a quantity […]

Top 4 Tax Deductions Claimed by Property Investors

It is significant to ensure that you maximize your tax deductions for your investment property every year in Australia. The higher the tax deductions will imply less tax payment to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). When you buy an investment property, you must consider a few vital questions. But, a large number of investors often […]