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Top Depreciation Claims for Property Owners in Australia

There are various ways in which landlords can save money when paying their annual taxes. But in most cases, they end up paying hefty taxes due to a lack of information about the eligibility of filing depreciation claims. Hiring experts can help them go a long way in saving taxes leading them in a win-win […]

Planning to demolish your existing property to construct an investment property? Consider these factors

Depreciation can never be a sole factor for an investor to construct a new investment property. However, it does impact the cash flow of your property. Not to mention, an expert quantity surveyor will help you discover depreciating assets for tax purposes. Investors generally demolish their family home to construct a duplex and live in one part […]

How Multiple Owners Increase Depreciation Claims

One of the most popular trends in the real estate world recently is co-ownership. A rising number of property investors are choosing to own properties together, and there are some great reasons behind it. Co-ownerships of properties are increasing the purchasing power, which is particularly significant in large cities. Co-ownership also relieves the burden of […]

How Covid-19 Altered Office Space and Claims That You Can Make?

The outbreak of COVID-19 unleashed a major impact on every life all across the globe. And, among the various changes, coronavirus had a major influence on our working style. Till date, the lethal virus has infected millions of lives and killed many all across the globe. But, you need not worry anymore as professionals from […]

Getting Tax Depreciation on New vs Established Property

Investors and buyers alike have numerous things in mind while buying a property. Tax deductions are a small but significant part of those deliberations. As a smart property investor, one must always lookout to save money while getting the best. One of the most common deliberations among investors is choosing between a new or an […]

Depreciation Rules for Residential Versus Commercial Investing

When you decide to buy a property, you need to assess a few essential factors. Investors need to evaluate factors like what type of investment will offer them higher deductions in depreciation form. Based on these evaluations, the property depreciation reports are prepared every financial year. Investors may have to decide between residential property and […]

Things You Must Ask Your Tax Depreciation Quantity Surveyor

If you are an investor, you must be reaping the benefits of depreciation every financial year. When you claim depreciation, it will assist you in enhancing the cash return from your investment property. It is necessary to calculate depreciation on rental property accurately. Depreciation has emerged as an instant victory for investors in the form […]

Everything You Ought to Know About a Depreciation Report

When you come across a depreciation report, it is usually a key management tool that helps people to plan and meet many expenses. The owners in the corporation plan do have pay for replacement, repairs, and renewal of the property and assets. The report, in turn, helps the owners to secure their investments and offer […]