At DEPPRO the Depreciation Professionals, our experts offer:

A full audit trail

DEPPRO provides a full audit and paper trail for every client, plus support information on request, free of charge. We also assist with ATO audits.

Guaranteed entitlements

DEPPRO guarantees to assess depreciation entitlements to an amount at least double its professional fees in the first full financial year. If we don’t, we will refund all fees and provide the report for free!

No outsourcing

DEPPRO provides a personalised service from beginning to end. We do not outsource work or fee share.

Physical inspections

DEPPRO conducts physical inspections of all properties under evaluation. We insist on walk-through property assessments by our own in-house staff, who are qualified inspectors. Our staff have the expertise and knowledge to know which items in rental properties are depreciable and how savings can be legitimately achieved by investors.

Timely and affordable

DEPPRO provides a professional, timely service at an affordable price. Our fees start at less than $600 and are fully tax deductible.

ATO compliant

To claim maximum tax benefits on an investment property the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requires property investors to complete a fully compliant tax depreciation report. DEPPRO staff are industry-qualified and trained in-house to provide honest, reliable, accurate, ATO-compliant reports in accordance with the latest government rulings and interpretations.

Comprehensive reporting

DEPPRO produces a comprehensive investment property depreciation report to enable investors to claim their full depreciation entitlements as quickly as possible. A DEPPRO report provides a 40-year schedule of depreciation allowances for capital works (or building allowance) and depreciating assets (or plant & equipment) for investment properties.

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