Top Depreciation Claims for Property Owners in Australia

There are various ways in which landlords can save money when paying their annual taxes. But in most cases, they end up paying hefty taxes due to a lack of information about the eligibility of filing depreciation claims. Hiring experts can help them go a long way in saving taxes leading them in a win-win situation.

Here in this post, you will get to read a list of the top tax deductions that you can claim for your property:

1. Installed appliances depreciation

If you have installed appliances at your home, such as dishwashers, air conditioners, washing machines, etc., the owners can consider claiming deductions based on the effective life of the appliances.

2. Maintenance and wear and tear

If you have spent a sum on the upkeep of your property that occurs due to wear and tear, you can claim depreciation for the building based on the amount invested. May it be a broken roof struck by a storm or a broken window due to a tree fall, all can be put up for a property depreciation claim.  

3. Strata title

People who are in possession of multi-storey apartments and subdivisions stand eligible for strata title. Holding a strata title makes the owners eligible for claiming the amount that they paid as corporate body charges. The body corporate fee is levied on owners who own apartments, multi-story buildings, duplexes, townhouses, etc. Also, the owners can put up a depreciation petition for maintenance and garden development in such cases by including them as strata fees.

4. Property loan interest charges

If you have taken a property loan while buying your property, the interest amount levied on the same can be filed for tax depreciation. The principal amount cannot be claimed, but the interest amount for the full loan size can be put for Deppro depreciation.

5. Building depreciation

If you have made any renovations to your building, you can claim the same on your property. Buildings that have been built on or before 16th September 1987 do not stand eligible for depreciation claims. On the contrary, buildings that have been constructed after that date can be put for a depreciation claim. All you need to do is to hire a professional who will make use of investment property calculator to come up with the best cost-cutting solutions.

6. Cost of advertisement for a rental property

If you are planning to rent out your property using any of the advertising methods such as brochures, print media, signboards, etc., then there is some good news for you. Now you can claim for the advertising cost that you have invested to rent your property to a tenant.


There are various other depreciation claims that you can make apart from the ones mentioned above. To gain a better understanding of such claims, you can consider seeking advice from property depreciation consultants.