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Your Rental and Depreciation

What makes property investment affordable for the average Australian is tax allowances, and one of the best allowances is depreciation. Rental property depreciation is an essential tax allowance to claim. But you need to understand the tax consequences and how to claim the deductions. You also need to know how this choice will affect your […]

5 Tips to Prepare for Tax Season

The closing of a financial year means it’s time to start planning for tax season. This time can seem complicated, but tax time does not have to be a burden. Earning an income during a financial year means you must lodge a tax return. The tax return determines whether you have a net tax debt […]

Save 10% With DEPPRO: Save Money on Depreciation

Are you a small business owner who is struggling to save money? Did you know that you could save with property depreciation? Ideally, real estate depreciation on a rental property can lower your taxable income. Consider that annually the government deducts your assets depreciation amount from the assessable income to determine the taxable income. If […]

4 Benefits of Building an Investment Property

Are you contemplating if building a new structure on your piece of land is the right choice? Going for this approach gives you many benefits as an investor. You get your own builder and do some research about what the trends in real estate are, what people are willing to pay for. You want to […]

What Is a Quantity Surveyor?

If you want to maximize the tax deductions on your investment property, quantity surveyors are extremely important. Often, your mortgage broker or accountant may advise you to see one. A quantity surveyor specializes in assessing and calculating the costs of the construction of a property. The specialization extends to council approvals, bank lending, arranging payments, […]

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Second-hand Investment Property

Planning to buy a property is always a brain-storming task. It doesn’t only involve financial planning but many other factors too. The location, neighbourhood, facilities nearby, price, property-size, architecture, etc. are such factors. However, buying a second-hand property is tricky, if the property is only for investment purposes. For a novice or a new buyer, […]

Three Most Common Depreciation Mistakes Investors Do

Depreciation has emerged as a complicated topic with some particular rules, depreciation rates, and different claiming methods among others. Investors may find claiming depreciation on property a complicated job. Some investors believe that if they perform the job of claiming depreciation on their own they will be able to save some money. Instead, they must […]

Tax Return & Types of Investments

Investors in Australia like to invest their hard-earned money in something that gives a good return. For this reason, a large number of people in the country invest in shares and other investment while others have invested in securities exchanges. People in Australia prefer to invest in on-exchange investments. Investment in property has also emerged […]

4 Things to Know About Your Tax Depreciation Schedule

When you claim depreciation it will help in enhancing cash flow from the property. As per ATO rules, businesses can specify depreciation as an expenditure while reporting the income tax return for a specific period. You may refer to tax depreciation tables 2015 when you mention depreciation as an expense. The amount will help in […]