Real Estate Professionals and Tax Depreciation

Maximising the return on investment for your clients can not only help when selling new developments and potential investment properties it can also ensure repeat business from investors with multi properties. Understanding tax depreciation is itself a challenge and being able to successfully educate your property managers can be useful for your business and clients. This means whether you are managing a property or selling directly you will be best positioned over your competitors to understand the complexity of depreciation.

We can help provide tax depreciation for real estate professionals by offering the following services and benefits:

  • Fully ATO approved tax depreciation schedules prepared by qualified quantity surveyors
  • Guaranteed entitlements for your real estate clients
  • History of great working relationships providing tax depreciation for real estate professionals

Benefits of DEPPRO Tax depreciation for Real Estate Specialists

  • Give your potential investment buyers access to professional and ATO approved depreciation schedules
  • Allows for on the spot depreciation quotes
  • Demonstrate great tax breaks and entitlements to the client
  • Access to qualified Quantity Surveyors

Contact us for more information on how DEPPRO can provide you with expert help with depreciation.

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