4 Interesting Facts about Specialist Quantity Surveyors

Quantity surveyors are the people who eat, breathe, drink, and sleep depreciation. Both first-time investors and regular investors have a need for the high quality quantity surveyors that can be hired from places like Deppro Victoria for depreciation reports. Quantity surveyors are come up with the best depreciation schedules to save some of your hard-earned money from draining away.

So, here are some amazing facts about these super depreciation controllers who can get some dollars back to your pockets again:

1. Number Passion:

Quantity surveyors have a knack for numbers which they use efficiently to determine a perfect depreciation schedule. They take into account all the equipment assets to calculate the actual depreciation value that can be filed. This may sound simple but in reality it is a complex process that involves lots of calculations and deep thinking. Hiring a quantity surveyor to determine the appropriate values and crunch the numbers will deliver the best possible depreciation schedule.

2. They Try to Include Everything Possible:

People often do not have full knowledge of all the things that can be added to a depreciation schedule, but this is not the case when you talk about experts. Quantity surveyors conduct a detailed property inspection and take all the essential pictures capturing the assets present inside and outside the house that can be put up for depreciation. They know exactly how to seek out depreciating assets for tax purposes which may just look like a piece of trash to normal people. They make sure that they find out all such things that can be listed down for depreciation.

3. Good Relations with Accountants and Property Specialists:

Quantity surveyors have a good working relationship with property professionals and accountants, and they can work together to derive the best for the property owners. Property managers can help by inspecting the property to finalise an adequate depreciation schedule, and once it is finalised, it is further sent to the accountants for detailed scrutiny. Accountants can help you adjust the deductions and reduce the amount of tax paid by you on an annual basis. Also, they can help you claim the Deppro tax depreciation and adjust tax returns if at for any reason you failed to file for deductions for the previous two years.

4. They Go by the Rule Book

Quantity surveyors abide by the rule book. May it be the ATO or the professional industry association, they keep themselves updated with the latest happenings and amendments made for tax rulings and other depreciation claims. Also, they make sure that they follow the ATO guidelines to make legit and sure-shot depreciation claims.


A professional quantity surveyor can bring in a huge difference when it comes to pinning down an adequate depreciation schedule. They are the ones who can help the investors save a lot of money by filing Deppro QLD claims that an investor stands eligible for. They tend to be highly beneficial for your property investment goals.