Get More Tax Back-Here’s How

Every year you are required by law to pay your taxes. Investing in propertyis a great way to reduce taxes because it comes with a range of tax benefits.Every property owner wants to save money on their taxes and tax depreciation is one of the many ways. This reduction is due to consistent use or wear and tear; it has the potential to earn you more money in the future. The property market is stable although there are fluctuations in price and demand. Yet the fact remains that everyone needs a roof over their heads. Property depreciation may seem confusing but its benefits will make you happy to spend extra time on bookkeeping. It may be the key to saving more tax dollars.

Different Tax Deductions and their Value

  1. Interest

Interest charged for loans can be claimed as a tax deduction if the accounts in question are used for investment purposes. It may include interest accrued through a mortgage, an investment property or other loans related to an investment portfolio. The interest charged for a loan will offset the cost of the investment property when you claim it.

  1. Rental expenses

There are all kinds of expenses you can claim as an owner of rental properties in Brisbane that can offset the amount of tax you pay each financial year. Common expenses like advertising for tenants, council rates, and property repairs and maintenance can be claimed as tax deductions. These rental expenses add up to thousands and thousands of dollars over time, thus reducing the amount of tax you need to pay by as much.

  1. Depreciation of a building

Wear and tear of buildings is inevitable and affects the financial value of the building. Property depreciation is one of the best things for your bottom line at tax time. What makes it so beneficial is that it comes built-in with the cost of the property. You don’t pay for it on an ongoing basis because it’s calculated and claimed on your tax return as a non-cash deduction. This will save you thousands of dollars without spending any more money on the property.

  1. Depreciation of fittings

This tax deduction specifically pertains to fittings inside an investment property. This includes things like sinks, fans, showers which are subject to depreciation or wear and tear over time. Professional building surveyors can calculate the cost of the depreciation of fittings and give a detailed outline of how much the asset has decreased over time. This can lead to some significant, ongoing tax deductions.

  1. Hiring qualified building surveyors

Hiring a professional to manage your tax return will help you pay less tax. It will give you access to professional advice to help you find more ways to reduce your taxes. The fees you pay for your tax affairs are claimable as tax deductions every year. When a professional adds up all your tax-deductible expenses accurately, you inevitably save more money on tax.


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