Millennials and Gen Y vs. The Housing Market | Articles from around the web

It’s a simple statement; young people simply can’t afford to buy a house in today’s market. Or can they? There’s a lot of layers to this statement made up of economics, investing habits and the trends of of the housing market. We’ve gathered articles from around the web to delve further into the issue. Can young people really not afford the Australian Dream? Or is it just more fake news?

Are Millennials Changing the Property Market? By Real Estate

They’re either lazy or savvy. Both adjectives are great headline fodder, but few are taking notice that Millennials are driving change in the property market. The differences are obvious, from how young people save right up to how they buy.

10 tips to become a Gen Y Property Guru by Real Estate

This is a good article for younger people wanting to know how to even get started in the property market. Homes and ‘abandoned shacks’ in Sydney are selling for millions, intimidating the next generation out of the game. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you play smart.


The best suburbs for Millennials to buy property by Domain

Compromise isn’t a word people like to hear when they really want something. It’s necessary though, if the younger generation wants to enter the property market. Buying in a capital city mightn’t be an option,


Home buying in 1982 vs 2016 by The Telegraph UK

The younger generation still desire to own a property. Surveys done have placed this goal above a successful career or having a family. The desires are the same but the gap on how fast it can be achieved has widened substantially, as reported by The Telegraph.


Property and income widens the generational divide by Newscorp

Competition from wealthy investors, less earning potential and rising property prices are just some of the challenges the young ones face.


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