Congratulations on the purchase of your investment property with Bankwest’s Complete Home Loan Package!

As part of your package, Deppro is offering you a heavily discounted depreciation schedule at just $275 including GST.

To take advantage of this offer, simply complete the following details and a member of our team will be in touch to arrange your report.

Please Complete Your Details



To help you maximise returns on your investment property, when we get in touch, we’ll also need these details which can be found on your purchase contract and solicitor settlement letter.

Purchase price
Total purchase price with land.

Construction cost
Does not include land value, stamp duty or legal fees.

Stamp duty / legal fees
These figures do not include any money connected to your mortgages or refinancing.

Land value
The unimproved capital land value (UCV) or site value as at the date the property was purchased is required (not date became rental). Available from first rates notice after purchase of property.

Contract Date
Will always be before settlement date. The date you signed for property.

Settlement Date
The date you took possession of the property. Tax depreciation begins on all properties from the original date of purchase. This also applies if the property has been or is currently your principle place of residence.

Construction completion Date 
Available from the electricity supplier as the date meter first installed or from the local council. If built prior to 1985 just write “pre ’85” in the appropriate box.

Included in purchase price
If the property was purchased with any furniture, please provide an inventory (and the cost if known). Some properties have renovations carried out prior to purchase please list any that you can identify and the date they were completed. This will assist in maximising your return.

Immediate additions to the purchase price
To enable us to include them in your schedule please supply a date, description and cost of these items.

Major renovations
If you have completed major renovations such as a complete refurbishment please contact a staff member to discuss. This ensures our service is giving you maximum return for our fee.