Everything You Ought to Know About a Depreciation Report

When you come across a depreciation report, it is usually a key management tool that helps people to plan and meet many expenses. The owners in the corporation plan do have pay for replacement, repairs, and renewal of the property and assets. The report, in turn, helps the owners to secure their investments and offer valuable information to prospective buyers. Moreover, the quality of the property depreciation report depends on the professional or the company that prepares the report. Now, let’s look at why you need a report and what is actually covered.

What does a professional cover in the depreciation report?

A depreciation report gives you the details of the repairs and the replacement work the property may need to undergo. While it speaks about the anticipated costs, it also states the cost the owner has to bear. As the report presents the information in a particular and easy-to-understand format, it shows the details through tables. Usually, apart from the executive summary, it gives the details regarding the assets, projected costs, and the expected service life.

Whenever the report considers long term repairs and maintenance costs, it presents the three funding models. These include paying through a loan, paying through a contingency reserve fund, and special levy. The expert may also state the mode of payment through a combination of approaches. Most of the time, you find such kind of information in a strata property act depreciation report.

Once you go through the report, it comprises of a data sheet for each and every property item. As far as the items are concerned, it includes the normal lifespan of the item along with the actual and the estimated age. It also gives a rough idea of when a person should consider replacing the item. Through the photos, the council and the owner may understand more about the current condition of the assets and the property. Towards the end, the report may suggest ways to the corporation to save money. It may suggest using a less expensive item, the time when you can replace the item, and energy-efficient options.

What is the importance of a depreciation report?

A depreciation report helps you to pace ahead with long term planning. This helps to protect the asset, reduce the maintenance cost, and save money in the long run. Once you get a clear idea of the problems that may occur in the future, you can think about preventive maintenance. Early detection of issues can help to address the issues in a much better way. Besides, tax depreciation reports help the council to make better choices and mitigate risks to a certain extent. When you replace the components at the right time, you no longer have to pay more for emergency repairs. You will be happy when you’re able to lower the operating costs.

How the report does get affected when you purchase the condominium?

When you consider purchasing the condominium, make sure that you get the depreciation report. After reviewing the report thoroughly, you will get a fair idea of renewals and maintenance. However, for some buildings, the strata council may not consider issuing a depreciation report. However, you can seek the reasons if the strata of the building vote against completing the report.


You should think about updating the report after a few years. Reports have to be updated because assets may not last as you had predicted before. You may also tend to save more money for building and infrastructure material. It may seem tedious to get a report. But, once the council plans for maintenance and costs with repairs, then it can surely help to avoid paying for unexpected costs. If you are not aware of the depreciation rules, then you need to approach quantity surveyor tax depreciation.