A blog by Paul Bennion.

Deppro Tax Depreciation are Australia’s Accountants’ favoured tax depreciation experts. All of the depreciation schedules developed by Deppro’s Quantity Surveyors are designed to make life a whole lot more simple for Accountants. Deppro’s Tax Depreciation outshines the industry standards for compiling depreciation schedules for accountants.

If you have one or even a few investment properties, then the best way to maximise your cash flow is to get a company like Deppro to provide you or your accountant with a comprehensive depreciation schedule. It’s absolutely amazing the dollars you can save by having the correct information at your finger tips.

So Why Should You Be Using a Deppro Tax Depreciation Schedule?

Your Deppro Tax Depreciation Schedule will be prepared by a team of tax depreciation experts that have been the industry for well over 30 years. We will make sure that when you engage the services of Deppro, our tax depreciation will make your life easier and significantly reduce your exposure and risk.

All our schedules are thorough and are given in excel format to make editing and changes easier for your Accountant.

A great reason for Accountants to use a Deppro Tax Depreciation Schedule is that is can so easily be updated – think about the money you can save your clients when the property is renovated.

You can rest easy knowing that Deppro Tax Depreciation is aligned with all the Australian industry associations. Your tax deductions will not only be boosted but are of the very highest standards in the country.

Deppro Tax Depreciation Ensures that you get the Very best in Ethics Australia-wide:

  • Deppro Tax Depreciation is up to speed with any changes implemented by the Australian Taxation Office. This way you never miss out on any legislative changes, whilst minimise your risk at the same time.
  • Your new depreciation schedule will highlight the life in years for each individual asset. As an accountant this will assist you in claiming the full benefit available.
  • Deppro is happy to work with accountants Australia wide.
  • In the first year of your claim, the Deppro Tax Depreciation Schedule will automatically adjust the total available depending on when the asset or investment property was bought or on the date that is was an income producing asset.
  • You will find that all our on site inspectors are the best in the business and are expert depreciation specialists. We never outsource our work and use Deppro staff only – this way we are fully accountable – another great reason to use our service.
  • Deppro Tax Depreciation Schedules will project your depreciation deductions for fourty years, that is, the life of your property.
  • All reports also outlines concise forecasts for twenty years, which assists Accountants to keep reports as current as possible if assets have been superseded.
  • We are able to divide deductions when investment properties have multiple owners. Even split reporting is not an issue – this way all owners of the property will be able to maximise their deductions.
  • We have the fastest turn around times in Australia – this is our guarantee!
  • If you feel that you have missed important and legal deductions in the past then – our schedule allows updates so you can claim for the past two financial years.

We are proud that we are a 100% Australian company that has offices in every capital city.

If you are an Accountant and you are going to recommend that your clients use a Tax Depreciation for their depreciation schedule you will be doing them a massive favour by ensuring that they are working alongside the best in the industry that will maximise their returns in the coming financial year.

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