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In November 2008, Nathan went over the handlebars of his pushbike breaking his neck at C6 & 7 and causing him to instantly suffer quadriplegia.

Through ongoing support from DEPPRO, in 2011 Club Cares awarded Nathan Handley $5000 to attend the Project Walk rehabilitation program (USA). In 2012, Club Cares awarded another $10,000 and for the third year running Club Cares donated $10,000 to allow Nathan to attend six months of intensive therapy with Project Walk.

After the first visit in 2011, Nathan came back crawling. After his second visit in 2012, Project Walk sent him back walking with assistance. The doctors and his family firmly believe he will be able to walk again and we are delighted to be a part of Nathan’s journey. In August 2013, Nathan has again returned home from therapy and has been successful in the following milestones:

  1. Standing – first time achievement on his own
  2. Using a walker – really strong only needed help with the tracking of the leg pulling through
  3. Learning how to tackle stairs
  4. Attempting walking with crutches

Amazing results for someone who was told he’d never be out of a wheelchair.

For more information about the Club Cares program please visit: clubcares.com.au