investment property calculator

The investment property calculator explained

Deppro’s free investment property calculator for tax depreciation is a powerful, handy tool for investors that they should take advantage of. Deppro is well-versed in tax depreciation, with expert staff and quality advice servicing all of Australia. Potential and current clients will definitely find the calculator useful but will need some help understanding how to use it.


The investment property calculator is great for the pre-purchase stage. When you’re inspecting the property, getting the specs like the floor area and the age of the house help with initial calculations. It’s a simple matter of entering that data plus estimated purchase price. The calculator’s algorithm generates results in seconds, giving you an estimate over a decade plus. On top of that, it will say how much you’ll earn back in a three year period.


Printing out the results of the tax depreciation calculator will benefit your overall investment strategy. If you’re applying for a loan to finance your investment the calculator results are ideal to take to the bank. It’s a common strategy for investors to use the money from tax returns to pay off debts so they have better loan to value ratios (LVR).


The investment property calculator results can also be a useful marketing tool if you are considering selling. As a mini depreciation schedule, agents can use it to highlight the ROI potential to their clients. The results are a tangible example of the advantages investors can expect, and that can certainly aid in closing a sale. Real estate agents partner with Deppro because they get easy access to online reports. Their clients, too, are guaranteed entitlements from the properties on the market.


Deppro’s free tool is a powerful asset for investors and real estate agents alike. Investors can have it on hand when they visit the bank to discuss loan options. The results from the investment property calculator will show the lenders they’ll have access to funds to pay off debt in a shorter amount of time. It’s convenient, too, when investors want to look at earning potential before adding to their portfolio. The calculator is also a real asset to real estate agents. Having access to online reports and the calculator is an invaluable sales tool. When presenting to clients, the agent has evidence about how their client can earn.